If you are reading this then you are interested in wargames miniatures and the prospect of having them painted by a professional studio. We are such a studio, and we are happy to paint pretty much anything so even if you do not see the miniatures you want in our galleries we will still paint it for you. Be sure to include your name and a detailed list of the miniatures you want painted along with a description of what you want

The cost of cleaning and assembling will be included in your quote. However some hobbyists prefer to assemble their own miniatures and we do offer a discount for miniatures that are already assembled. That being said we take great pride in our work and should the models be in poor condition and require additional work we will not be able to offer this discount.

Movement Trays
Some armies such as Warhammer Fantasy or Historical wargames will need movement trays. We can provide your army with fancy laser cut MDF ones. We can even magnetise these for you should you require it. Just let us know what you want and we will quote you for it.

Basing your models is an important part of the overall look and feel of the miniatures in your collection. Our standard basing is always included in your quote at no extra cost. Should you wish something more elaborate please let us know and we will discus the options with you.

• Standard Basing: Typically flock or sand, this basing style compliments the majority of figures and fits with most wargames tables. If you do not choose another basing type or just want us to decide for you we will base your models as appropriate using our standard basing level.

• Decorative Basing: The same as our standard basing but with some added details. This might be fallen branches, leaves, tuft, slate or other items. You can specify what you want but otherwise we will decorate them as appropriate.

• Specialty Basing: Covers resin bases such as city ruins, lava or jungles bases. As well as more difficult basing that involves things such as water or snow effects.

Matching Existing Work
We are able to match or duplicate work by other painters. We cannot guarantee that it will turn out exactly the same but will do our best to get it as close as possible. If you are able to do so please send us a sample miniature, even if it is one we have painted previously.

Purchasing the Models
If you do not already own the models you wish painted we are able to purchase them for you. Depending on the manufacturer we are usually able to get models at a discount and are able to pass this on to our clients.

When you buy your own models, it’ll be your responsibility to ship them to us, by whatever method you are comfortable with. We will even accept models shipped directly from a retailer. We advise you include a note detailing the contents of your package, but this is not a requirement.

We require a minimum deposit of 50% of the total commission cost plus the cost of any models we purchase in advance. This guarantees to both parties that a commitment has been made and the project will proceed as planned.

We accept payment by; Paypal, Bank Transfer, or Cash. Details will be discussed when appropriate. We will email you to confirm payment as soon as we see the money has gone into our account.

The remainder of the balance will be settled when the project is completed. We will not ship any models until the bill is settled.

If you send your models in an army transport, we may send them back in the army transport. This is not always the best way, but it is prohibitively expensive to send the models packed separately with the case on the side. Where possible we would prefer you not to send us any army cases.

If you are sending the models to us it is your responsibility to get the models to us safely. We will repair minor damage without complaint, and ask for the same courtesy from you. The shipping costs for returning the models too you will be included in your quote.

We always pack your models to the best of our ability. That being said we cannot be held liable for models that are damaged in transit. We will endeavour to fix any problems that occur during transit but once your models leave the studio they are in the care of the postal service. If your package is abused en route that’s an issue to take up with the postal service.

Should the worst happen and your models are damaged you can send them back to us and we will repair, touch-up and re-ship it at no charge.

We generally complete commissions within two to six weeks of receiving the models. Larger commissions may take longer or be split into smaller parts. If you have a deadline or need the models in time for a tournament, we will be glad to accommodate you, if possible, to the best of our ability, but please let us know beforehand!

Abandoned Models
Fortunately this has never happened, but in case it does we have included it here so that you know where you stand.
If you do not pay for your models (various reasons) within 30 days of project completion. You will forfeit any deposit you have paid, and we will put your models up for sale to recover our costs. If we choose to refund you it will be at our discretion. If you sent us the models we will replace or refund them as above.

This may seem harsh, but be aware that we are we trying to make a living and have bills to pay like everyone else.
Note that this is an extreme circumstance and one we hope we never have to deal with.

Terms of Service
We are a business offering a professional miniature painting service.

You are purchasing a service from us and we ask for half the total commission value plus any model or material costs up front in the form of a deposit before starting.

Cash refunds are offered only at our discretion. We are willing to make alterations or possibly give a store credit. Remember that we are a business; we are not here to mess anyone around.

All sales are final. Once your order is shipped it is out of our hands. While we take every care to wrap, post and otherwise securely send your order we cannot be held responsible for the actions of the postal services.

This is our Terms of Service.