UK Nationals 2017 Prep

by / Tuesday, 24 January 2017 / Published in Hordes and Warmachine, Strategies and Tactics

We have signed up for the 2017 UK Nationals in September and I am currently brainstorming about what I want to take. The tiebreak website that is handling ticket sales allows players the option to put the faction they are playing in ahead of the event – an option many have chosen to use. This information does have some uses and will influence me on what faction/casters I end up taking. Unfortunately all we have is that its 7 round ‘masters’ format, what that actually ends up being come the new steamroller is anyone’s guess.

So I have been using the data I have to try and figure out the field. I play Cygnar and Circle primarily, but also have a lot of unpainted Cryx. Even though masters has a painting requirement I only ever play painted models at events so either way if I choose Cryx I am going to have to paint it. It is also 7 rounds so the smart move is to not play slow attrition games to save on mental fortitude.

This of course brings me to the main point of the topic, how do the factions being played influence the meta. Now I do not have all the answers for all the factions, I don’t even think half the bogeymen the people on the forum people moan about are even that bad. If you play by reading and following instructions then it will always be harder than if you can read the game on your own.

Currently Cygnar is the most represented faction. I know Cygnar very well, play most of the casters, and am unlikely to be surprised by anything. I think that the better players will also look at the faction representation and plan for facing them. I can imagine there being quite a few bad/boring games if both sides are immune to lightning. If I do play them I’m not going to be running normal Cygnar stuff. I did fancy playing Nemo3 and all the lightning but given the information available it is a bad choice to do so. I am interested to see what Caine3 does, that and how I think my other lists handle the proposed meta will be my deciding influence to play Cygnar or not. This does give me point one on my list of things to deal with; stormlances, lightning, massed shooting, haley2. I don’t find Haley2 to be hard work but she always gets played so its good to have something that rains on her parade.

Faction representation nose dives fast with Trolls, Legion and Protectorate all joint 2nd, with about half the amount of players each compared to Cygnar. Khador is currently one behind them and Retribution, Mercenaries and Skorne make up the tail. Everyone else is pretty much one or none at this point. I would have thought there be more circle representation but I have noticed that some of the circle players have left their faction choice blank.

This means that of the players with listed factions warmachine currently has double the representation compared to hordes. Well that is something to think about.