Terrain Focus: Warlord Hamlet Part 2

These have now been sitting on the side for a while and I finally got off my arse and went down to the local laser cut MDF dealer and got some bases made. Bases in hand the buildings were stuck down and sanded in preparation for painting. As usual I applied a second glue layer to the sand in order to keep the sand from coming off as I don’t trust primer alone.

Don’t think I really need to tell anyone what has happened here but I sprayed them black.

I decided that I did not want to do a boring grey building and opted for sandstone. So I hit the buildings with Army Painter Desert Yellow spray and gave the walls a heavy drybrush with Vallejo model colour 913 Yellow Ochre.

This is followed up the a medium drybrush of Vallejo model colour 819 Iraqui Sand.

For the highlight I lightly drybrushed white.

At this point the majority of the buildings were done, the wall render was hit with thinned down Iraqui Sand and the large outer bricks were painted with a mid brown town and drybrushed with Iraqui Sand to blend them into the rest of the building. The only remaining part was the wood which was done with Flat Earth, brown ink and an Iraqui Sand drybrush (there is a pattern here somewhere)

I then based them in my normal way to match my army. I did screw this up slightly in that I forgot to black out the sand before doing so and the base of the buildings are a shade lighter than I wanted. Its not a bad thing and I am the only one that will notice, but it’s a mistake I have to look at whenever these are on the table.

I quite enjoyed this kit but it was quite a bit of work to make the finished article. If you want cheap, fast terrain this is not the kit for you. But if you want a modelling project with some terrain that allows you to be creative and offer very playable results then this is a good kit to go for.