Terrain Focus: Sarissa Gaslamp Pump Station

After a chat with my good pals at Sarissa Precision I picked up one of these swish laser cut mdf buildings for use in my Warmachine games.

The Gaslamp Alley series are a mix of Victorian and steampunk, and this largish building was a solid choice to provide a great piece of terrain with plenty of room for my warjacks to smash face.

All of the buildings come like flat packed Ikea furniture (minus the hefty weight and screws). They are easy to assemble and it didn’t take long for me to put together. I decided to paint the majority of the building on the frames before assembly and touch up the sides afterwards.

I very much like the colours Gary did on the Sarissa website so I’ve decided to copy those with the minor alteration of adding a dark brick band to the bottom of the building. As I didn’t have any Fur Brown Army Painter Spray (useless for almost everything) I decided to tackle this with a large brush and whatever I could find, which happened to be an old pot of Foundry Conker Brown 54C and a drop of GW Fiery Orange. Guess its not so much a colour copy now.

For the dark band across the bottom I masked off the bricks with tape and went to work on them with black. I was being lazy and didn’t bother with the airbrush and the wet paint soaked through the tape so I will have to go back and touch it up later when I do the edges of the walls.

With the exterior walls base coated I sprayed the window frames with Army Painter Army Green, the roof section with Army Painter Matt Black and the base with Army Painter Uniform Grey. This completed the base coats and I then proceeded to assemble the building before adding any more paint.

With the main building assembled I went to work on the coal boiler, I primed this silver and picked out a few rivets with a pale gold before I washed it down with black ink. I then randomly painted bricks on the building exterior with a couple of different oranges and browns to break up walls and add a little character.

At this point the building is almost finished, I added sand to the skirting edge of the base and painted it in my usual basing style to match my other terrain and figures. I added some weathering to the top of the chimney, boiler and floor of the building.

Including this write up it took around 4 hours to do, but with a little experience I reckon you can put a part painted one of these on the table in around 45 minutes. Painting the building in sections considerably cuts down on the painting time and allows you to get these battle ready and on the table in very short order.