Gates of Antares – Purple Isorians

by / Thursday, 22 September 2016 / Published in Life the World and the Internet

Just painted up another batch of purple Isorians for Gates of Antares for my good friend Bernard. While I was not initially impress with the Gates of Antares miniatures range, I have to admit that the guys at Warlord Games do keep putting out nicer and nicer models and the range is growing on me.

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The Isorians are quite different to paint compared to other models and have lots of little detailed spikes, ridges and such, that can make them a bit of a time-sink. I do feel the the effort is worth it, as they are one of the more inspiring factions to look at. I am not sold on the studio paint schemes but the models lend themselves well to various colours and you can get some great effects with them, there are lots of great examples on the forums or facebook.

I have also been given a big gun thing which I will pencil in on the painting calendar. Though I am hoping that I will get to paint the character drone thing as the floating tentacle death robot looks really cool.

You will also notice a new batch of yellow Gharr I’ve done for the chaps at Sarissa Precision. There are more coming for those after I’ve finished these neverendingly large amount Napoleonic British infantryman!

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