Painted Wargames is a bespoke table top figure painting company comprising of Rob Henson and Andy Isherwood. Together we have over 25 years of painting and hobby experience enabling us to tackle pretty much any project imaginable.

Having played pretty much every major game under the sun, we each have our own strengths and abilities to bring your miniature dreams to life. Whether it is a single character model to lead your force, or an entire army set to storm the table top and wipe the floor with its opponents.

If something catches your eye don’t keep it to yourself, give us a shot, drop us a mail or send us a pigeon and we’ll get back to you with a full quote to make what you see in the pictures into a reality (Please note an email is easier than a pigeon and will be returned a lot faster).

For all those around the country (and in fact the world) that know us either from previous work, commissions or from a game we’ve played against you at a tournament. We will also both be attempting to attend road shows, tournaments and events in the future so please feel free to come and say hi, chat about what you’ve painted and let us know if there are any additional bits and pieces that you would like us to help you add to your army.

If you want some of your own sweet looking miniatures be sure to email us for a quote!